Ohh My... Goes to University

You can book your experience through your Student Union or society officers. It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is contract us and we’ll take care of everything!

The Experience is popular for SHAG weeks, Freshers’ Week or any other time in the year that you’d like to invite us down. Some SU bars have a quiz night every week and some just want something a little different to draw a crowd. Several Students’ Unions have claimed that we’ve been their most successful event of the year!

We have a few rounds that we save especially for universities so there’s always another fresh surprise for you.

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SHAG week, or Sexual Health Awareness and Giving week, is becoming an increasingly popular staple of the university calendar fro Students’ Unions and is the ideal opportunity to spread the word about sexual health to students who may otherwise be disinterested. What’s better than a fun and creative night’s entertainment to get the message across to them?

We’ve been involved in a number of SHAG weeks and are invited back the following year thanks to how much the students enjoyed their time with us!

Your Inner Desires

Unique to our university events is the challenge given to every team to write their own erotic story, asking you to look deep into the heart of your sexual delights to let us know what would tickle your fancy. There’s a special prize for the winner of this challenge and we’re also involved with a number of erotic writers and who knows, maybe you’re the next Pauline Reage!



Condoms and Oddments

Having been involved with Students’ Unions before we know how difficult it is to provide adequate information and resources to those who need them. For this reason we offer heavily discounted rates on bulk orders of condoms and lubricant sachets that can be distributed throughout the rest of the year. 

Book an event with us and let us know you’d like an additional order of oddments and we’ll bring it with us on the night, giving you a reliable and trustworthy source of affordable contraceptives and lubricants.

Bars, Clubs and Pubs
Richard Toon

Definitely the best quiz I have ever attended. Can't wait for the next one!

Ashley Didion

A fun event where you 'get to know each other' a little bit better!

Private Hire
Chaza Bates

Absolutely brilliant, funny and naughty! I couldn't love it more!

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