Who Are We?

We’re putting together a specialist team to host the dynamic Ohh My… Experience. If you are an outgoing, sexy and energetic person and think that standing on stage throwing packs of lube and condoms at people is your idea of fun then you know what? You’ll fit right in! Come and see us after an Experience to chat about adding your name to our team sheet.

Events Team, Assemble!

Kyle Fontaine

Kyle here, I’m the crazy one of the bunch! If it sounds like fun I’m sure to be there. Don’t let the wild exterior fool you, every now and then a bit of sense slips out…

John Ord

Hi, I’m John, some people say that I’m the sensible one. Some people say the moon is made out of cheese. Tell you what, I’ll let you decide!

Meely Lo

Hey, don’t forget about me; you guys can’t have all the fun! I want to make sure our guests have an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives…

Ohh My Testimonial
Michael Dennehy, Welfare Officer

Working with John and Kyle was easy and a lot of fun. Their relaxed and confident attitude made it easy for everyone.

Ohh My Testimonial
Oliver Oguz, Bar Owner: Mango Lounge

I couldn't have been happier welcoming the team to the bar. They're easy to work with and liven up a quiet night.

Ohh My Testimonial
Paul Atkinson, Filmographer

Top night! A great laugh and completely comfortable. Extremely good fun and informative; can't wait to go again!

Ohh My Testimonial
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