What is it?

We’re asked this a lot! 

The Ohh My… Experience is a popular event that merges entertainment and education into a new kind of ‘edutainment’. Packed with challenges, saucy questions and topped off with a bumper prize box for the lucky winners, there’s something for everyone in this sexy quiz night.

Based on a traditional quiz format, we give you loads of goodies and prizes for the teams and individuals who stand out in the various trivia rounds, physical challenges and interactive games in addition to the prizes at the end! There’s no shortage of giveaways, with goodie bags on entry, prizes and competitions throughout and then the grand prize at the climax.

We also have educational segments mixed in to give you an exciting and enjoyable as well as informative evening, with the chance to learn a bit more about good sexual practice and what’s out there for you to experiment with.

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Is it a sex party?

In a word… No! 

Yes we have questions and themes around sexual behaviour and scenarios but there is no sex or nudity (maybe the odd midriff and nipple slip) involved. We are providing entertainment and fun while hoping to teach you something along the way. We have no interest in making you feel uncomfortable or awkward. That’s just not cricket. 

The Experience is geared towards helping you overcome reservations, teaching you about sexual practice and giving you an evening to remember, all while fully clothed! 

However, after having the Experience, you may feel a little frisky when you get home! Ohh My… 

Where can I have my Experience?

Almost anywhere! We’re not fussy or demanding at all. Whether you have a private party round your place; a section reserved in a local bar or pub; a hall or lecture theatre in your university; a town hall or even your office, we’re happy to swing by.

We’re based in London but can travel anywhere in the UK given enough notice in advance and we’re keen to bring the Ohh My… Experience to more far-flung corners of the British Isles and beyond so never say no!

What can I expect?

You know, we could launch into a sales pitch here but none of us want that. Tell you what, why don’t you take a look at our video instead? You might have seen it on the homepage already but it’s well worth a second look!

What can I win?

Throughout the Experience we will from time to time throw lube and the odd condom or two at you (depending on location) but don’t worry; they’re still sealed! (We like to ensure everyone has a safe Experience).

The main prize for those of you lucky enough to know the answers (you kinky people) will comprise of more lube, more condoms (told you we like to be safe), a small pleasure item and a large pleasure item per group member.

If being held at a university, the prize box will be shared amongst the group to a total value agreed upon during the booking process. We have standard options but can tailor them up or down depending on what you’re after. We’re flexible like that.

Experience Info Pack
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Bars, Clubs and Pubs

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Bars, Clubs and Pubs

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Private Hire

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