About Us

Ohh My… is a London-based adult lifestyle company that provides adult entertainment and education to the mainstream. Since 2012 Ohh My… has consistently provided fun and dynamic adult entertainment and high quality education resources. Committed to finding new and exciting multimedia avenues to give people the resources and entertainment they need and want, Ohh My… is an ambitious enterprise that expresses and explores the multiplicity of sexual practice and pleasure. We’re also committed to having a buttload of fun. The fun is important.


Ohh My… was founded by two friends in 2012 who together have developed the unique vision of Ohh My… If you’d like to involve yourselves with Ohh My… then send us an email on enquiries@ohhmy.co.uk

kyle-headKyle Fontaine, Operations Director

My professional background is in design and advertising account management. On top of this I have gained valuable experience in event management with a dance company, hosting events in Regents Park and working with 75 of the top 100 companies globally.

john-headJohn Ord, Creative Director

My previous work outside of adult retail is in travel marketing and journalism, where I have worked on brand creation and development as well as writing and editing copy. I also have experience as a theatre director and actor as well as in events management and hosting.

John is also available for freelance writing work. Examples of his work in the industry to date (other than the Ohh My… blog posts that is) are: What Men Really Want (featured on Cara Sutra.co.uk)

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